Fair Trade Friday: Xinh & Co.

It all started with curiosity.

I've been playing more and more with photography, and I wanted to step out and challenge myself in a new way.

So I went to Craigslist. As you do.

I posted in the Nashville site that I was looking to try my hand at product photography. I didn't expect to get any responses (none that I was interested in), but I was amazed when I did.

Trang from Xinh & Co. contacted me saying she'd be interested in bartering (which I love) for some images of new colors in her line of baskets. As I read her emails and we connected on Instagram, I learned more about her amazing family and company.

Trang hails from the accounting world but, once she discovered her love of natural textiles, knitting, etc., she broke away from fast-paced life in the city and joined the makers movement.

Xinh & Co. is her creation. The company prides itself on being fair trade - Trang cuts out the middle man and works directly with makers in her country of origin, Vietnam. They began by selling their own Vietnamese rice baskets, each one lovingly handmade. Now, Xinh & Co. carries a curated selection of many handmade fair-trade goods from other rural underdeveloped regions of the world like the highlands of Guatemala and Oaxaca, Mexico. 

It's connections like these that make the local, maker market so fascinating and valuable.

I was honored to shoot these images for Trang and her beautiful company. And you can bet I've got some incredible baskets in my home now, too!

If you're interested, go check out Trang on Instagram to keep updated about her latest collections! And if you'd like to collaborate and get photographs of your products, I'd love to hear from you on the Contact page.