Visible Mending

So, this is not a DIY blog by any stretch of the imagination.

But this is a blog where I discuss ethical lifestyle choices, and this oftentimes coincides with mending techniques in order to stretch the lifespan of an item and use it all the way up.

I'm not going to do a tutorial post about how to do visible mending, a movement originated by Tom of Holland.

Because I just used the thread I had in my sewing box and decided to wing it. But I am really happy with the result of my efforts!

Mending items is an art that has been largely lost on society today. Folks are more used to the fast fashion world, where, when something falls apart (which happens a lot more often with cheaply made clothes), you just throw it away. After all, it was cheap. Why value it?

Cue doomsday soundtrack.

But environmentally conscious folks are becoming more interested in mending techniques and celebrating items that have seen brighter days, viewing them as trophies of long-term effort rather than useless junk.

The reason for this new wave of interest is simple: the more we stretch the life of our items, the fewer items end up in landfills.

So today I encourage you to do what I did: scour Pinterest, grab some holey jeans, and give it a try. Begin to see your items with new eyes. And try not to prick your fingers as much as I did.