30-Day Minimalism Game

This past weekend as I scrolled through my feed, I came across a delightful New Year's post by The Minimalists recommending some superb ideas to live more intentionally in 2016, giving less importance to materialism and more emphasis on the rest of life - experiences, relationships, etc. We do our best to live in a minimalistic way for these reasons and others. It's a process though, layered like an onion, to strip away the superfluous things in our homes that no longer add value to our lives. Which is why I decided to take their advice for item #10 on their list of recommendations and play the 30-Day Minimalism Game.

The rules are simple:

On day 1, you get rid of one item. Day 2, two items. Day 3, three items... You go as long as you can to 30 days, and if you're playing with a partner, whoever makes it the longest wins. If you both make it to the end, you both win.

At first I thought, "Nah, I won't even be able to come up with that many items to get rid of, and leading a minimalistic life isn't about labelling or counting." I do think my second point is valid; in my opinion, limiting yourself to a certain number of items can reveal that, rather than taking a minimalistic approach and disassociating yourself from your stuff, you may actually just be latching your self identity to your physical possessions in a different way. However, as a capsule wardrober - one who uses a number as a guide in fashion every season - I can see the value and accountability in counting to keep you on track, as long as you don't end up breaking your own heart in the process by going "extreme for extreme's sake" - and not for your own sake.

My first point, however, is ludicrous - of course I can challenge myself and I'm certain I'll be able to find that many items and more that I can shed, and with them, the stress of their maintenance and the space they fill in my life.

So, I've decided to play.

As I'm jumping in a bit late I'll just be playing on my own, and I will need to have rid my home of 15 items by the end of today (Tuesday, Jan 5) in order to catch up. Tomorrow (Jan 6), I will find 6 items to donate, sell, give away, etc. If you'd like to read The Minimalists' post about The Minimalism Game, you can find it right here.

P.S. - If you interested, here are Part II and Part III of this series.