In My Suitcase: Florida

Is there a better way to test your capsule skills than having to pack a bag?

Probably not.

I'm seriously excited to be travelling to Florida in the coming weeks with my best friend and her daughter (my goddaughter) for a little R&R (and a wedding).

It will only be five days, and I've decided to push myself a little and really play up the interchangeability card for my outfits.

Just one problem (ok, a few problems): It's Florida, but it's in February, and I have to attend a wedding.

So I will need an assortment of weather-friendly options, since Florida is pretty iffy in February, and I will need something nice to wear for the lovely nuptials.

 I think I've come up with a packing list that will work for these requirements, though - if not, you'll know it!

Here's my plan:


white tee | black sweater | green top | marled cardigan
dark wash skinnies | black skinnies | grey dress | beige trench
black flats | oxfords | cognac booties
mini backpack | geode necklace | blanket scarf