Fall 2015 Style Swap

One of the best things we can do for the planet and for the fashion industry is to simply Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - to shop second-hand as much as possible. This past Sunday, my friend Ashley and I co-hosted our first ever Style Swap.

We invited our friends, telling them to bring all the gently used clothes, accessories, purses, and shoes they desired, and to expect to walk away having enjoyed some snacks, friends, and free clothes! Could you turn that down?

We chose to donate what wasn't swapped to Portico Pregnancy Center and Greenhouse Ministries (who very kindly let us borrow one of the racks we used).

In addition to some free threads, everyone got a goody bag with some organic snacks and a Printable Info Flyer I made with a list of our local thrift stores on the back. Please feel free to download and print these out for your swap! It's always special when folks can walk away from an event with a tool in their hand, and education is the best tool we can give.

This event was a pleasure to host, and it served as a fantastic opportunity to share a bit about ethical fashion and the importance of thinking green. While our friends chowed down on Ashley's truly fabulous sandwiches (seriously, I don't think any amount of Food Network will get me up to her level) I took 5 minutes to explain what ethical fashion is and why it's so important.

A HUGE shout out to my friends who brought over their clothes to be swapped and donated to Portico and Greenhouse Ministries.

We fully intend on hosting another swap at some point, and hopefully it will become a regular event. 

I really encourage everyone to do this - it was easy and low-key, with no pressure at all to spend money, and everyone wins in the end.

Happy swapping!