Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

I began my Capsule Wardrobe journey this past summer, when I was searching for ways to make my life simpler, more intentional, and, most of all, LIGHTER. 

You see, stuff stresses me out.

Having random items sitting around, cluttering up corners and mucking the visual space of a room - it makes me crazy.

With all the closets full and rarely opened, I was asking this question: what on earth is the point in owning things that we don’t remember having?

We'd already been creating what we called “visual accountability” by replacing our kitchen cabinets with open shelving, hoping to keep our kitchen simple and beautiful.

Then I discovered the idea of a Capsule Wardrobe while browsing online. I read about the concept first on Project 333 and Un-Fancy, both of which explain capsule wardrobes and detail the many perks that come with them. It fit so perfectly into my streamlining phase that I latched on immediately.

The basic concept is that you create a beautiful, versatile, and very small set of clothes to wear for a season and store everything else. Some people set a number for themselves, usually between 30-40, depending on what feels right.

You only wear the items you have chosen for this season. 

Every three months, you change your wardrobe over, choosing another set of items from storage, rolling them over from the previous capsule, or buying them. 

Putting these rules in place forces you to use versatile items, to be more careful about your buying choices, and to keep a closer eye on the wear and tear of your wardrobe basics.

I choose not to put a number limit on my capsules anymore. In fact, this post has been edited to reflect my more recent choices as of early spring 2016. 

The capsule you see below is my curated collection after months of learning about my style, tendencies, and values. It may look shockingly small for three months' worth of outfits, but as a work-from-home freelancer it suits me perfectly. 

The following are my Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe choices, as well as my personal rules.

What counts:


What doesn’t count:

Workout Clothes
Cocktail/Special Occasion


The following list links each of my items to similar, ethically made ones I found online.  Since I already owned all these pieces, I wasn’t able to link them to their true counterparts.

knit poncho | bomber jacket | navy cardigan | blanket scarf
chambray top | white top | green top
black sweater | plaid flannel | marled cardigan
t-shirt dres | dark wash skinnies | black skinnies | black skirt
black ankle boots | cognac booties | oxfords | outdoor boots