Autumn Basics + The Uniform

Autumn is my favorite season of them all, and in anticipation of its arrival (please come soon) I've pinpointed the pieces I know I'll be leaning on again and again even into the winter.

Over the past year I've tried hard to find the beginnings of my "uniform." You may have heard this term in style blogs before, but utilizing a uniform doesn't mean getting into a pantsuit every day.

It's simply a way of identifying the formula that you've figured out works for you without fail. Your uniforms are the outfits in your closet that always work, no matter what kind of day it is.

This doesn't necessarily mean that your uniform is sweats and an old band tee, because that's what fits you no matter how much pizza you eat (no judging).

A uniform is a combination that checks all the boxes: it's comfortable (doesn't pull, bunch, squeeze, etc.), it's effective (keeps you warm or cool, depending on the season), and most importantly, it makes you feel good about yourself.

When you wear this combo, you fit perfectly into the style you love.

You are you in this uniform.

You've cracked the code on what makes this outfit sing, and you've established several iterations of it in your closet so you can wear it every day. That's a uniform.

And a uniform is handy in more ways than one. A famous quote by Pablo Picasso is, "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." 

When you have an established, curated, and well-practiced style, it frees you from the daily stress of finding something to wear. But on the days when you want to get creative, having "rules" gives you a place to start from and a mold to break by restyling, mixing pieces you wouldn't normally put together, or even adding in something new.

That's the place I've been trying to get to, and I'm a lot closer now than I was a year ago. Here are the pieces I plan to build my daily outfits around as I curate my own uniforms (I'll let you know how it goes). I didn't realize how many of these pieces were gotten second-hand until I made this list, and I love it. It reminds me that I don't have to always spend a fortune in order to curate my closet, invest in quality, and be a conscious consumer. But enough. Here they are:


My new favorite staple. For the longest time I've been content with just one pair of blue jeans, some dark wash skinnies. And while I still love them, I had been on the lookout for some lighter wash boyfriend jeans for a while. I finally found the perfect pair for $4 at the thrift store and I practically live in them (in fact, I'm wearing them right now). Similar from Nordstrom (Made in USA)


It's been so hot this summer that the idea of wearing something black that even had the semblance of sleeves was just impossible. So I've been saving this simple, versatile piece for fall. I can't wait to style it with scarves, jackets, maybe even knotting it at the bottom (oooooh). Similar from Bamboo Body


Big surprise here. I'm so glad I invested in these last year, as I have never once grown tired of them and have worn them practically year-round (yes, even in summer).  Similar from Fortress of Inca


A newer second-hand find that I've been saving for this season. I've been finding myself sliding more and more into the neutrals game, so I'm excited to explore things like white-on-white (or cream) and see where my style goes. Similar from Slumlove


Again, second hand, this time from Vinted. I love the design's nautical blue stripes. When I wear this sweater I feel relaxed, bookish, and somehow ready for the sea. Similar from People Tree


These will be my on-campus shoes (plus a lot of other places). I love the freedom they give me to move and walk as I need to. Scored these at the thrift store for $2.75. Similar from Nisolo


I couldn't believe I found this one at Goodwill. Mine is a touch more fitted than the one shown, but it's pretty close (you'll see it in action I'm sure). Except that mine has giant pockets, which I adore. Similar from Seasalt Cornwall


There are a good amount of shirt dresses on this list, and I don't mind one bit. Olive is one of the only colors I'm letting in this season (I also have a couple cranberry pieces and a red buffalo check) and I'm excited to play around with the earthy tones. Similar from Tradlands


Oh, and one more thing. This season I want to begin exploring linen pieces, so I'll be keeping an eye out for those. I'll keep you apprised.

Happy Autumn to you all! I would love to know what your autumn staples are, so let me know by commenting or finding me on social media. 

P.S. I found this post on Sustainably Chic really helpful in finding affordable sustainable clothing brands, so check it out!